Each year, Mark Anderson teaches tens of thousands of people, both individually and corporately, how to achieve their full potential. He has been a catalyst for some phenomenal achievements, yet his inspiring life story continues to produce encouragement and change to countless individuals.

Mark was born and raised in Southern California. Accidentally discovered under a six pound tumor, three months premature, weighing only two pounds, Mark overcame impossible odds just to survive at birth. The doctors painted a bleak picture for his future, predicting that he would be physically and mentally challenged for his entire life; however, Mark's determination and perseverance would once again prove them wrong as he conquered many barriers to pursue his goals and achieve his potential.

Weighing a mere 144 pounds at 5' 9" tall, Mark began his Track & Field career at the age of 16. Over the next ten years, he became one of USA's premier world-class athletes. How Mark overcame his physical and personal obstacles to become the USA Decathlon Champion and top hope for the Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympics is unparalleled in the history of the sport.

Mark's second year at Mount San Antonio College would become his year of opportunity. After becoming the National Jr. College Decathlon Champion, he received numerous scholarship offers from major universities Mark's decision to attend UCLA paid off academically, by majoring in sociology and athletically, as he pursued his Olympic dream.

From 1980 to 1984, Mark went on to achieve high levels of performance and set numerous records including:

  • UCLA Two-Time All American
  • NCAA Decathlon Champion
  • Set new NCAA & UCLA Records
  • Voted UCLA's Most Dedicated, Valuable, Competitive, Improved & Top
    performer in 1980 & 1981
  • #1 Ranked Decathlete in the USA
  • Top USA hope for 1984 Olympics
Mark has been featured in over 40 publications, radio and TV programs, including: Guest Star on M.A.S.H., ESPN, Eye on L.A., Vanity Fair, Sports and Athletes, various commercials and news publications.

After the 1984 Olympics, Mark established Vision for Victory, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth and family development. His ongoing research and valuable insights on how our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and expectations affect our performance, enables him to deliver cutting edge information that equips people of all ages to excel in every area of life.


For over a decade, Mark has earned an excellent reputation as a keynote speaker, consultant and personal growth coach to businesses, Olympic and professional athletes, schools, youth agencies and community organizations. Today, he is recognized internationally as a dynamic motivational speaker and inspiring communicator.

He has spoken at thousands of school programs, conventions, seminars, and various community events. Mark has inspired millions of people to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams. He is considered by many to be one of the most dynamic presenters and empowering speakers available in the industry today.

Mark believes each of us possess incredible potential; however, the process which enables us to achieve our potential depends on a number of learned behavioral skills that either hold us back or propel us forward. Living a life of high level performance and human fulfillment is possible when we learn how to control what we think, believe and expect.

All of Mark's messages are positive, powerful and impacting. They are presented with undeniable passion, enthusiasm and humor, compelling his audiences to listen intently. His convincing and clear delivery reaches his target, creating dynamic and lasting results. Positive attitudes and established, confidence is increased, dreams are ignited and team synergy is enhanced. Self-esteem and respect for others is cultivated. Individuals are empowered to pursue their goals, achieve their dreams and realize their full potential.

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