Current Releasing Potential & Performance Seminars
Presented by Mark Anderson

1. Igniting The Fire and Creating Desire
Hear Mark's inspiring story of "Defeat to Victory." He shares the strategies that have enabled him to overcome tremendous obstacles and achieve high levels of performance in all areas of life. You will be inspired, motivated and empowered to effectively deal with problems and realize your full potential. 
2. Establishing A Foundation For Success
Establish priorities and develop the consistency that creates a strong foundation for lasting success. You will learn what it takes to build and maintain high levels of achievement, confidence and satisfaction. 
3. Releasing Potential & Achieving Your Best
Move from your current level of achievement towards the tremendous potential that awaits to be realized. you will learn how to overcome the common barriers that hold all of us back from achieving our best.
4. Raising Expectations and Enhancing Focus
The way you think really determines your future and your success. Learn how to eliminate any blind spots that keep you from seeing and seizing your opportunities. 

5. Thoughts and Attitudes of High Performance People
Learn how to change your life by the way you think; i.e. from a have-to to a want-to basis. You will free yourself of much stress that negative. You will learn how to effectively move toward the life you want to live. 

6. Setting Goals and Following Through
Learn how to keep your mind in shape by strengthening your belief in yourself by building self-efficacy that empowers you. You will learn to confidently set new goals with higher aspirations. You will be on your way to be more successful, rewarding and fulfilling life. 
7. Overcoming Obstacles and Reducing Stress
Every person asks the same question when faced with an obstacle problem or challenge, "Is it bigger than me or am I bigger than it?" You will be empowered to respond with an "I can learn, solve, fix do anything because I know I can figure it out."
8. Creating A Vision and Making It Happen
Learn how to take control of your own life and create the future you desire. You will see clearly how to release your tremendous unused potential. You will learn how to dwell on the positive, focus on the end result and become a causative (make things happen) person. 
9. Making Change A Positive and Lasting Experience
Learn the benefits of end-result thinking and become outcome oriented. Overcome the worry on  how, when  and what.  "Current reality is where I am now. I'm on my way because I am valuable, capable, worthy and creative person with great ability."
10. Mentor & Leadership Dynamics for the New Millennium
Learn dynamic techniques that will enable you to positively motivate others to achieve their full potential.  You will be able to take yourself and others on a fulfilling journey of life. 

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