administrator responses
"Your presentations were truly inspiring for all of us. Students said it was one of the best assemblies we've ever had. teachers saw an immediate change in the students' attitude after returning from the assembly. Wow, sixth graders with a better attitude!"
Dorothy Baca, Principal, Troth Elementary
 "As you probably noticed, our students were very attentive. In their vernacular of today, you were "cool." The enthusiasm and energy your brought to our school was appreciated by students, faculty and parents alike."
David Kurge, Asst. Prin., H. Cattle Elem.
 "Your positive. upbeat message held our students' attention for the entire hour. You have a style which is able to reach the heart of the middle school student. Your warmth and compassion communicated to all of our students that everyone can be a winner"
Steve Hansen, Principal. Giano Intermed.
 "Students and staff were very impressed with Mark's assembly. His dynamic message held their interest and moved them to reach out, be a friend. build people up. be positive and never give up. Every school should jump at the chance to hear Mark's message."
R.N. Davidson, Principal, Richie Jr. High
 "Thank you for two outstanding presentations. You carried a very important message and was well received. From talking with our staff and students, it is clear that your message had an impact and will reap great dividends in the future of our young people and their instructors."
R.J. McCarthy, Ed. D. Biggs High
 "Those who attended our Red Ribbon event truly benefited from your inspirational challenges. Your could feel the energy and see the motivation on the faces of children and adults alike. Thank you for your personal commitment to the families of our district."
Nancy Ballantyne, Rowland School District

 student responses

 "Before your talk I didn't believe in myself and didn't think I could do anything, but now I believe in myself and have more confidence."
Melissa, 4th grade
 "Thank you for teaching me how to appreciate the life that I have. You helped me realize what I can do and how special I am."
Kyle, 5th grade
 "Your speech really inspired me to do my best in good times or bad. We may never reach the limelight or get credit for our part, but if we are caring, we're all champions of the heart."
Katie, 6th grade
 "The stories of your life made me think of how important is is to communicate, have self-confidence and help others. I realized that winning shouldn't be the most important thing in life. I plan to live my life without drugs or alcohol and always be willing to help others."
Rachel, 8th grade
 "It's unbelievable how much of an impact you had on me and my classmates. I learned that proper planning prevents poor performance. What you said helped me realize my talents and will enable me to achieve my dreams."
Eric, 9th grade
 "Mark made me realize that there is no real meaning to impossible. He spoke with enthusiasm and maintained the student body in silence for an hour! I was glad he came."
Veronica, 10th grade
 "I really thought your presentation would be pointless, but you proved me wrong. After the assembly, I felt a sense of relief and that I was not alone. I now feel I can overcome all my obstacles and have decide to stop using drugs so I can realize my full potential."
Jose, 11th grade
 "He leaves you with a sense of achievement and gives you the support you need to be confident in yourself. I left with the felling like I can accomplish all my goals."
Tovar, 12th grade

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